Friday, January 13, 2017

visit your friends

Whatever the year can come... just keep in touch with your relatives and friends, they will be there for you, if you are sad or down, no matter who you feel with yourself, just stay in touch with them... (trust me in this one ;) stay close with the good ones and if you had friends with another vibe different than your, well... is all about sympathy  and empathy right?
There's a reason on it in this post, i've got a close circle of friends, some of them are my besties, the one that don't let you down, then another friends who are just for fun and also friends to chat and be confidential, is not that i classify friends but in some way, we know and they know us, you may probably know what i mean if you got many of friends but just a few are close ones...
A really good friend allow me to take pics of her house, is just because her room and house is so charming, i took some pics, just a few details... places like this, reminds me the importance on details... hey guys! friends are like flowers! let it bloom with kindness 

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