Monday, January 30, 2017

some of my favs...

it is not a whining post, if i've got to say, i DO really miss the treasuries on Etsy, still i can't believe they just take them away!!! i feel so disappointed because, in some way, i love to curated treasury list, also, it was a nice way to promote other shop and meet other people from around the world! now, promotion moves to another areas, i was already making this posts of my favorite things on Etsy before the treasuries was removed.. and yes! i want treasuries back! but in the meantime, let me show you what i found recently on Etsy 😊

This linen duvet is like a piece of heaven! soft, natural and organics threads, so fresh for summer! love the color is just so calm isn't? from BeaLinen, take a look on this shop ! 

From Tel Aviv, this geometric base inspired in origami is a perfect combination in elegance and simplicity, a great design for home decoration in StudioArmadillo

Ready for a new quilt project? this snowflake fabric collection would be perfect for any quilt or just for sew on! i totally love the combination of pastels, more fabric on luckyshop0228, they ship worldwide!

I've got a big, huge crush on vintage wedges! this by far is one of my favorites! lilac, peep toe just ideal for summer and spring! this shop is just great, a big selection of accessories, bridal collection and (to drool on..) dresses in TheVintageMistress

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