Monday, September 26, 2016

a few words...

This past days had been a totally different from what i've been living... Emotionally i've been in up and down, is just temporary, i told myself constantly... like i want to sleep all day long and so ironic i kinda struggle to fall sleep, although! i already finished 3 paintings that i stared working since 3 years ago! (big woW to me! considering that i get bored and i barely finish a painting after i stared...) and seriously i want to keep working on my paintings but ideas are just flying away! so frustrated!!!
I'm too shy to ask to another friends or artist if they've been going thru this...  (good thing, i haven't lost my sense of humor tho..)
Is just temporary, just temporary... i'll keep working on my unfinished paintings...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

take a look on it...

It's September, nice weather, tons of celebrations and things to do (like working on my paintings, i should show you some advances...) I've been very active on Etsy lately, sewing, doing some progress on zipper sewing (i'm totally proud of it!! i encourage myself to do it!) but well, going back to Etsy, yessss i like a lot of items on Etsy, like shoes, clothes, vintage clothes!!! housewares, sewing supplies... but this is a quick roundup of what i like and why i include them often on my treasuries list...
Take a look!
A yard of light orange ruffle (isn't gorgeous?)
Summer vegan bracelet, totally boho and trendy!
Rustic coat rack! i can totally see this in my apt
Instant download gingerbread recipe! yummm!
Now sing with me: this are a few of my favorite things!!