Saturday, April 29, 2017

what i've learning from Etsy...

I wanted to write this post so long ago, the reasons are because after i've open my Etsy shop, i was really full of doubts, fears and if is not because my siblings i may probably being stuck doing and selling few thing without trying  other thing and going beyond of that..
So this is a few thing i've learned...

-Communication, words are not my strong skill, i struggle real hard to write, but this is what i think, i just improved in some way,  i must to describe items but when is about to sell to a possible buyer or a custom listing, i put myself like a "customer services" and yet! english is not my first language, google can be a tool to help in this matters... Keep in touch with your buyers, either for custom items or anything on the shipping or else 😉 

-Image, go to Etsy and surf the web to see tons of nice shops, my sister was telling me about the importance of the image, she also help me with a few items, but i decided to have white backgrounds, not showing my face and the item to be the center of the attention...

-Dare, if i decided to stay with the embroidery pattern i may probably will be stuck on it without pushing me to do something else, i love to embroider but is not the only thing i love and the only thing i can do

-Social Media, i've got to be honest, part of the social media involves to show your products or artworks and that would be a great source for possible buyers! i'm so really, really shy in this matter and i decided not to open a FB fan page instead of that, i've got Instagram, Pinterest and this blog

-Learn from your mistakes, check what's trend on your shop but also see what things works with your buyers and possible buyers, i also ask to my friends or my sibblings

-And also be kind, other sellers can promote your items but the nice thing is to promote others because, isn't nice to see other people stuff? i've got my favorites around on Etsy! 

*all the images are examples and you can find it here

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the bright colors

Visiting a town and cities in Latin America can be just an eye candy for foreigns, i can't blame it! even to me, is like an explosion of colors! seriously! but what i've i never expected is that most of this houses and buildings used to be bare brick... yup! and take that to my instagram collection of colorful houses!... there's a big archive of photos from here to there, they used brick, adobe or stone..
Now, the prefer to paint everything in bright and shinny colors, i just love them! is just impossible to not look all this colorful places!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

prehispanic crush...

I've got excited with this museum! to be true, i never expected to see prehispanic pieces, actually i thought that would be just Rufino Tamayo's paintings and to be true, i'm not a big fan of his artwork but i went waiting to see his art and then... well, is just his collection of prehispanic art, and to be true is just stunning! this is the story, after he became famous and his artworks was selling pretty well, he decided to rescue and buy prehispanic figures before the black market take advantage, so after adquire a big collection, he just decided donate everything to his hometown, Oaxaca... and after learning this, i seriously feel admiration of him!

Monday, April 17, 2017

the printer studio...

So, there's a master on printing, living in his hometown, in a very small but cute town, where all their habitants are zapotecs as him... his studio is a small room full of his artworks and can invite to admire the simplicity of the space... in this studio i worked a little piece, totally improved but the results are what i just expected, and yes i drink a few little shots of mezcal

Saturday, April 15, 2017

and then, Oaxaca...

If i say that "a few years ago" would sound like was recently, but not, it was like 8 years or 9 since the last time i've went to Oaxaca for vacations, the first time i went it was so pretty! i looked everywhere and was so colorful and rich in history so hubby and I decided to take a break and go for vacations... so, i'll let you know that the next post will be just photos from it...
I'll show you a few of the prehispanic places that i just love them! the sun was up, very warm and bright but it was windy, walking in this places is like feeling some nostalgia about all this lost cultures...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

and then, springtime

It seriously feels like summer, but is just springtime! i've been walking by on my daily routine, taking some pics from here to there, streets feels so hot! like steamy hot! but i'm not gonna give up  and quit to enjoy taking walks under the sun, although, i'm using more sun block that makes me look like kabuki actress and then, well, i just bought a hat for this season and even when i'm not the kind of person who wears, i'll start to use them... my skin will appreciate it... so this are some photos of what i've been seeing lately... so sunny days!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

in my hands...

I find myself in a total crush for miniatures! since my dad and my brother have a big heart of collector, it was so funny that in some way i didn't find attracted to collect something in particular but! i don't know why but... is so funny this feeling and sensation of miniature things! i really can't explain why, is some sort of fascination... i guess this is the kind of feeling of all the collectors, fascination!
And then i decided to took a photo of this miniatures and cute things.... but really really i want to keep them all! in some way i just like it! but then, a little reminder to not feel attach to material things... (because mom taught me..!)