Saturday, March 25, 2017

in my hands...

I find myself in a total crush for miniatures! since my dad and my brother have a big heart of collector, it was so funny that in some way i didn't find attracted to collect something in particular but! i don't know why but... is so funny this feeling and sensation of miniature things! i really can't explain why, is some sort of fascination... i guess this is the kind of feeling of all the collectors, fascination!
And then i decided to took a photo of this miniatures and cute things.... but really really i want to keep them all! in some way i just like it! but then, a little reminder to not feel attach to material things... (because mom taught me..!)

Friday, March 3, 2017

get ready for springtime...

Well, i'm back, i take a break on my computer, just an unexpected things... now is time to get ready for spring! grab your winter clothes and put it back in to the closet, do some spring cleaning (this is a must to..) and save yourself a day for enjoying a cup of tea, a nice book and plan a list of thing to do in this days (like flying kites!!!)
i've been visiting shops on etsy, and i just love new stuff from designer!!
Let me show you what i find!

This denim dress is just perfect for spring and summer!! lovely cross on the back, 100% cotton you will find it in Localpartitygoods

Are you a bookworm!? and looking for a statement bag? krukrustudio is one of my fav shops on etsy, i just want all their book purses!! take a look, you may find for sure something you like

This enamel mugs had everything! design, vintage look and very durable! is perfect for a gift, you can find more of this french design in LolitaPicco

Join to the club of shibori fans! isn't great how simple line could make a difference? is a natural indigo dye and includes the pillow, more of shibori on HonestAlchemyCo

Friday, February 10, 2017

and finally! for myself...

I've got to say that, i became quite handy sewing this pencil and brush roll case, because i sew a lot for close friends and also family, even my little students have it! and after all of this i realized that i didn't have one for myself!!! and i was like, really why i haven't made one for me!? well, i choose a pretty good and colorful colors, and finally this is mine! i'm soooo happy! my pencils and brushes was such a mess in my paint tool box, and already got some order... and then it comes to my mind (thinking about generosity of course..) to do a giveaway in this month, not just because is a valentine month, is just because February seems a nice month with all the crazy moody weather, so, keep on eye on my next post! ;) here it comes a giveaway! (as always, i'll ship worldwide!!)

Monday, February 6, 2017

dare to do new things...

Part of the reason to write this post is that i finally dare myself to do something that in some way scares me, or beyond of feel scared is more like i feel insecure.. I'm gonna explain it better, well, i encourage myself to learn english not with an language academy but myself, translating songs, books, phrases, and losing my fear to speak to someone who is native with the language, and of course english speakers won't mock me or bite be, because (or is what i think..) people celebrate the effort and enthusiasm on the learners.. After opening my etsy shop, the description of every item and things that i create is just a big task! seriously! and something that i love is vintage... VINTAGE 💖 clothes, shoes, everything vintage! i always wanted to sell something vintage, but then, the english issue! how i'm gonna describe something vintage!?, well, after so many time, i introduce to you, some of my latest treasures that i'm gonna sell on my etsy shop.. Yeah Sir!!! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

look back in history...

i'm not considering myself as a bookworm, although i do really like to read, i don't have tons of books... but what i like books are just history and illustrated books!! gosh! i should study something with history, i'm pretty sure that my memory can work for it (weird thing i forgot tons of things but date, names and places not...), i'm telling you this, because i went recently to visit an old train station near to Gdl, and it was fascinating! the building is breath taking... it was restored, apparently it was abandoned after the station stop working, and then got a owner when the station was sold as a property, and of course because it was abandoned time wasn't kind with the building...
Now, it's works as a Cultural Center and Museum, it feels some chills looking into this area, the old photos and seeing some of the furniture used in this train station... and then this is why i love old buildings!

Monday, January 30, 2017

some of my favs...

it is not a whining post, if i've got to say, i DO really miss the treasuries on Etsy, still i can't believe they just take them away!!! i feel so disappointed because, in some way, i love to curated treasury list, also, it was a nice way to promote other shop and meet other people from around the world! now, promotion moves to another areas, i was already making this posts of my favorite things on Etsy before the treasuries was removed.. and yes! i want treasuries back! but in the meantime, let me show you what i found recently on Etsy 😊

This linen duvet is like a piece of heaven! soft, natural and organics threads, so fresh for summer! love the color is just so calm isn't? from BeaLinen, take a look on this shop ! 

From Tel Aviv, this geometric base inspired in origami is a perfect combination in elegance and simplicity, a great design for home decoration in StudioArmadillo

Ready for a new quilt project? this snowflake fabric collection would be perfect for any quilt or just for sew on! i totally love the combination of pastels, more fabric on luckyshop0228, they ship worldwide!

I've got a big, huge crush on vintage wedges! this by far is one of my favorites! lilac, peep toe just ideal for summer and spring! this shop is just great, a big selection of accessories, bridal collection and (to drool on..) dresses in TheVintageMistress

Thursday, January 26, 2017

go to the museums...

If Art doesn't come to your door, well, just move on and visit a Museum! also is a good excuse to break down routine or just to have a cultural day, i've got to say that i do really enjoyed, this Museum is considering the Latin American Sixth Chapel, for so many reason, but also is one that allows foreign and different art exhibitions from everywhere!! is like being a tourist in my own town
So part of my visit in the Museums includes an exhibition for kids, that of course i went over there, in case that i can recommend it to someone else.. (my nephews and other kids...)
Best thing is that i also visited hubby in his working area, i wasn't an intruder, i didn't disturb his work but was happy to see me so we eat lunch together with another great friend...
So yes! seen Art is so inspiring and relaxing, gosh! why i didn't went before!?