Thursday, January 5, 2017

hello January!

Since 4 or 3 years ago... (probably more..) i decided to go calm with new year's eve celebration, i mean, i didn't throw party and waking up next day with a badly hung over...i may probably did that but not for new year's eve, still! to not break up with the tradition to gather with friends, drink a few booze but just having chill time.... anyway, i'm gonna keep it like that, i just have a great time with my friends, we didn't talk much about resolutions but should be more like goals! resolution could be something more instant, a plan project for the next months or a way to quit bad habits but goals! could be more different, also because i like the word... it means more like succeed in something, so the next question will be, what's my goal for this year or for my life..? -_- the awkward moment of the confession... i've got to finish everything what i started!

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