Thursday, January 26, 2017

go to the museums...

If Art doesn't come to your door, well, just move on and visit a Museum! also is a good excuse to break down routine or just to have a cultural day, i've got to say that i do really enjoyed, this Museum is considering the Latin American Sixth Chapel, for so many reason, but also is one that allows foreign and different art exhibitions from everywhere!! is like being a tourist in my own town
So part of my visit in the Museums includes an exhibition for kids, that of course i went over there, in case that i can recommend it to someone else.. (my nephews and other kids...)
Best thing is that i also visited hubby in his working area, i wasn't an intruder, i didn't disturb his work but was happy to see me so we eat lunch together with another great friend...
So yes! seen Art is so inspiring and relaxing, gosh! why i didn't went before!?

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