Tuesday, January 10, 2017

those rags...

I really really want to keep my goals and resolutions on this year, not because is a must but the feeling of something when is already done.... I started this cushions last year, is just rags splashed with acrylic paint, nothing different, but i just sew them and quilt it to make this cushions..
Looks simple right? well, it wasn't, but the sensation of finish is what i really, really, like it considering that i'm the kind of person who feels so enthusiastic to start a new project or just start something and in the middle of the process i just get bored, and then i start something different and it happens again, that's why i always have different things to do because of course, i'll be bored, should i know if this is just me or probably someone else feels in the same way?... hubby is the person who after started something goes straight to finish it (i feel so envy and also i admire him for it...), but well, part of this process is my cushions... 500 points for Gryffindor! 

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