Saturday, December 10, 2016

quick snapshots

First, i've got to say that i feel totally great with myself! at the middle of the year i was so pressure to find a co-worker for my workshop... and could be not so difficult except that... i'm so picky! i'm not gonna work with someone who doesn't make a great team with me, also, someone who can love work with kids with patience but be with character (kids can smell fear and insecure.. :P)

My last co-worker was just beyond than great, we can laugh and we can understand the group and each other with just a sight...
So yes, i heard a loooot of people who recommend another persons but in this case, i've got the chance to work with someone that i can totally get along..
And well, wasn't so easy but, one of my oldest friend (she's from college..) was my partner in crime and we did pretty well and pretty awesome! there's no way to compare, i totally like to work with both and i guess i see our work reflected on child's smiles..
I worked with kids from 7 to 9 years old, i even worked with youngest kids but, i realized when they been there, before i already know... Still! you may probably think that work with paint and kids it could be for sure a messy disaster, well, it can be but if you explain everything before to drop the material the mess can be avoided (in some cases... still my shoes had zero paint on it! YeSSSS!)
Here's a quick snapshots of my workshop
PS: i barely could buy some books for me but, tsssssss i already read one of the books that i purchased... oh dear!

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