Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Decoration goals

It was a quick and busy days, my brother and i went to fast visit to CdMx and even when we didn't went to visit some museums or other places, i've got to say that i totally enjoyed having such a great time with my brother! in some way, we been apart not because we decided to be like that but our jobs, lives and else, and yes! we hang out and get along often, with our partners or with our family, but in some way, me and him are so closed and had so much things in common, guess like other brother and sister's had, but since we were kids we used to play along, had lots of friends in common... but well, i may probably loosing my point in this post...
After 2 trippy and bussy days in an Artist and independent crafter's bazaar, we did a quick stop by with a friend of Alfredo... Johnny and his partner Carlos lives in a small and cute apt, that since the first time i saw it, it was pure eye candy to me!
If i can, if i would i may probably had something like this for my place, but, my hubby doesn't agree much with so colorful and kitschy things around home, and actually, i do like to decorate my place according to my paintings... still, secretly, i've got big crush for orange, pinks, yellow and vivid and bright colors... guess i should put some on my paint and forget the blues

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