Thursday, November 17, 2016

is almost here!!

I was counting down days, because the book fair is almost here, and yup! i already got a workshop... i'm so thrilled about what to expect but also that for sure it will be tons of hard work!
For a hard day, i'll be working with 300 kids at day, but is hard to say if it will be like that all the book fair... and because i'll be using my voice all the time, i already got a nice parcel of medicine, herbs, teas and everything that would help to not loose my voice or be talking like Vito Corleone... and it that parcel i may probably put some shots of vitamins
I'm taking my job seriously, i want to avoid any type of flu, cold or whatever that can put me on bed with high fever because, of course, after working with lots of kids is something sure... they can also infected me, and i don't have high defenses as them...
So, i'm gonna chill, do my best as always and just have fun on this...
I'll be counting down the days.. 

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