Saturday, December 17, 2016

get ready for the year!

This year is almost gone, i cannot say if is one of my fav years or not (considering that David Bowie died at the begining of the year.... snif!) still, of course, sometimes i can't remember if i achieve of my goals, because, i can't remember most of them... anyway, before to say good-bye to this year, a quick round of Etsy Finds! YaaaY!:

This Scandinavian style top buffet is just a delightful! classic and modern! made with wood and you can find it in this awesome shop, Sweetmangofrance

I've got a crush in this skirt! it got everything, is classy, looks vintage and also so stylish, take a look on this awesome shop from the indie designer Annak
Owl crush? this is your shop, two Argentinian sisters always amuse me with their creations, so feminine and loyal to their on style, you can find in macraME

Last but not less, this is a must to for ring holders, it got's everything, is chic, glam and organic! take a look on this tres chic shop at ModernMud

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