Friday, May 5, 2017

Oh May i bring you some colors..?

I've been melting down here!! is still spring but gosh! is like summer, considering that our Summer Indians are in June (or July..) is hot here..33℃ !! and possible goes worst... but anyway, sunblock is my friend and i'll go out to the street like a glazed duck  with tons of sunblock... this past week i was working as a judge in child's art contest and gosh! i was amazed about how gorgeous colors and great artworks!... The theme was "my neighborhood", and from that you can imagine what kind of works can create since their point of view...
My task was to evaluate of course the theme, the creativity and the skills because it was kids with different ages, it was divided into 2 categories, 6 to 9 years old and 10 to 14...
I wasn't the only judge but we coincided that the little ones were the best using the colors... and after been working with this, it seriously makes me think and appreciate to work with kids
I took a few photos of the artworks, and see for yourself! and Feliz Día del Niño
*i laughed out loud when a kid wrote that he used patience as his technique...!

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