Saturday, April 29, 2017

what i've learning from Etsy...

I wanted to write this post so long ago, the reasons are because after i've open my Etsy shop, i was really full of doubts, fears and if is not because my siblings i may probably being stuck doing and selling few thing without trying  other thing and going beyond of that..
So this is a few thing i've learned...

-Communication, words are not my strong skill, i struggle real hard to write, but this is what i think, i just improved in some way,  i must to describe items but when is about to sell to a possible buyer or a custom listing, i put myself like a "customer services" and yet! english is not my first language, google can be a tool to help in this matters... Keep in touch with your buyers, either for custom items or anything on the shipping or else ­čśë 

-Image, go to Etsy and surf the web to see tons of nice shops, my sister was telling me about the importance of the image, she also help me with a few items, but i decided to have white backgrounds, not showing my face and the item to be the center of the attention...

-Dare, if i decided to stay with the embroidery pattern i may probably will be stuck on it without pushing me to do something else, i love to embroider but is not the only thing i love and the only thing i can do

-Social Media, i've got to be honest, part of the social media involves to show your products or artworks and that would be a great source for possible buyers! i'm so really, really shy in this matter and i decided not to open a FB fan page instead of that, i've got Instagram, Pinterest and this blog

-Learn from your mistakes, check what's trend on your shop but also see what things works with your buyers and possible buyers, i also ask to my friends or my sibblings

-And also be kind, other sellers can promote your items but the nice thing is to promote others because, isn't nice to see other people stuff? i've got my favorites around on Etsy! 

*all the images are examples and you can find it here

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