Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MACO means...

i promise this is my last post of my trip to Oaxaca... if i told you that before to go here i was just thinking with my stomach, drooling for all the great food i'll eat and this is a confession, i gain weight and i have no regret about that! i still drool for the food, if someone can go there for sure they will no let me lie and taste the best mole negro ever..!
Now, i've got to go back with this post... first let me tell you that Oaxaca had a strong tradition or should i say that they had the best and great printmakers and engravers from all over the country! it also had open studio and printing press so the people can access to work in this studios, and they also encourage to join to classes and learn more... we knew about that because Toledo gave to the Oaxaca's Government his house so the people can go and keep working there..
But MACO means Contemporary Art Museum of Oaxaca, with it's main artist Toledo, we walked by over there and is so stunning! the pieces, the place everything.. i was so surprised to see a piece of a friend of mine (i feel very proud of him..!) and also we were so lucky to be on the opening of the exhibition of Sibylle Bergemann, her daughter was explaining the artworks! seriously! it was impossible to not fall in love on this museum!

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