Friday, February 10, 2017

and finally! for myself...

I've got to say that, i became quite handy sewing this pencil and brush roll case, because i sew a lot for close friends and also family, even my little students have it! and after all of this i realized that i didn't have one for myself!!! and i was like, really why i haven't made one for me!? well, i choose a pretty good and colorful colors, and finally this is mine! i'm soooo happy! my pencils and brushes was such a mess in my paint tool box, and already got some order... and then it comes to my mind (thinking about generosity of course..) to do a giveaway in this month, not just because is a valentine month, is just because February seems a nice month with all the crazy moody weather, so, keep on eye on my next post! ;) here it comes a giveaway! (as always, i'll ship worldwide!!)

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