Monday, February 6, 2017

dare to do new things...

Part of the reason to write this post is that i finally dare myself to do something that in some way scares me, or beyond of feel scared is more like i feel insecure.. I'm gonna explain it better, well, i encourage myself to learn english not with an language academy but myself, translating songs, books, phrases, and losing my fear to speak to someone who is native with the language, and of course english speakers won't mock me or bite be, because (or is what i think..) people celebrate the effort and enthusiasm on the learners.. After opening my etsy shop, the description of every item and things that i create is just a big task! seriously! and something that i love is vintage... VINTAGE ­čĺľ clothes, shoes, everything vintage! i always wanted to sell something vintage, but then, the english issue! how i'm gonna describe something vintage!?, well, after so many time, i introduce to you, some of my latest treasures that i'm gonna sell on my etsy shop.. Yeah Sir!!! 

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