Friday, March 3, 2017

get ready for springtime...

Well, i'm back, i take a break on my computer, just an unexpected things... now is time to get ready for spring! grab your winter clothes and put it back in to the closet, do some spring cleaning (this is a must to..) and save yourself a day for enjoying a cup of tea, a nice book and plan a list of thing to do in this days (like flying kites!!!)
i've been visiting shops on etsy, and i just love new stuff from designer!!
Let me show you what i find!

This denim dress is just perfect for spring and summer!! lovely cross on the back, 100% cotton you will find it in Localpartitygoods

Are you a bookworm!? and looking for a statement bag? krukrustudio is one of my fav shops on etsy, i just want all their book purses!! take a look, you may find for sure something you like

This enamel mugs had everything! design, vintage look and very durable! is perfect for a gift, you can find more of this french design in LolitaPicco

Join to the club of shibori fans! isn't great how simple line could make a difference? is a natural indigo dye and includes the pillow, more of shibori on HonestAlchemyCo

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