Sunday, October 21, 2018

Love will be the reason

I meet Julie when i was a teenager, we became so close and share the same sense of humor, interests and dunno i guess our friendship matches because... i guess some friendships can last...
We went to the same high school, different classes and even had a little rough time because we were in love of the same guy hahaha....
So college was a different story, we barely seen each other but also life put our friendship back, we give each other the update of our lives while we were in college and after that ... we saw again to talk about our lives and jobs and loves and else
Then we worked together for the book fair, we make a team! we were like partners in crime!!
Did i already told you that she was roommate of my brother?! well they were and they also they hang out well...
So yesterday was her wedding and i couldn't be more happy for her! she get married with a wonderful women and i'm so proud for them!
so i guess friendship can be like that, they can last and change or evolve in something always better and great

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