Monday, July 23, 2018

just a thought...

I've been busy, busy like a crazy, busy like a bee!! not so long ago i had a horrible panic attack or a breakdown or both... i couldn't handle it so i call a friend to help me out and she did... i'm doing pretty good and pretty well right now (although i felt really crashed tho..!) then after, i was thinking what makes me feel that way, in that day, in that moment, i think that i may already know what... so is like that 2 ways, or face it again so i can grab the bull by the horns or avoid it... then this is my thought, not so long ago i was really anxious to stay busy and really busy so i can stay awake and away of some feelings and here i am with that, except that i forgot to ask also for another things... if you really wish something, ask for it but also don't for get for more tools or ask for some other things! otherwise you'll be so overwhelmed like me...!

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