Wednesday, July 11, 2018

beauty is everywhere... in Etsy!

Love this season of the year, is summer, here is our little indian summer, so rainy, so fresh and even when is humid and my hair can't stand it, i really don't care...
Lately i started to find a bliss wearing dresses and skirts, the tomboyish in me can hold it... for some reason, i've got a tendency to wear more "feminine" outfits and also i've been looking forward for more, why? i don't know! i guess is more that i just want to try something new and wear clothes that are kinda forgotten in my closet...

Anyway, for this reason i've been drooling over dresses and shoes around Etsy, i really can't help it... so this is what i found lately there...
i'll take you there

isn't cute and gorgeous this dress!? is so perfect for summer!! totally my kind of dress!! with a lil'bit of vintage kind and modern you'll find more on this awesome shop ShopApricity 

Well i told you many times that i looove vintage stuff! this scandinavian style bowl is a must to for a kitchen or a dinner at outdoor, more of this on FoxBride shop

Waterproof and laminated! don't get caught under the rain!! great design and so floral, for a laptop, diaper bag and to carry everywhere, a lovely shop based in Australia, BagyBags  

Last but not less, this greek sandals are a must for summer and springtime... plans to the beach? you can't miss this adorable shop from Greece!! Sandals, accessories with unique style, Savopoulos!

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