Tuesday, September 26, 2017

a way to help...

i was really thinking to make a post about how to help my country (if you are foreign or if you live here too)... is almost a week since the earthquake happen, the hard labour of rescuers are still on, and all the people, citizens from all around the world are helping, all lives are precious, even pets!
Here in my town in the red cross are still collecting goodies to help all the people and states affected by the earthquake, is like we are fixing what the government should do (and are not doing...), so like Lennon would say: power to the people ✌...!
This crossbody bag by Monoment is made with leather, Daniela is a designer based in México city, so you can see all her awesome designs in her shop

Mina is a shoe and accessories designer made it with leather, cotton and faux leather materials, this brogues are the top of feminine and comfort 

are you the type of person who likes nice designs and cozy homes? CheriDemeterHome is a shop that combines handmade product and textile goods for home 

This designer, based in Puebla, México had a great designs of glass terrariums you can check this awesome shop in CardamomoPuebla

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