Friday, July 14, 2017

Love is in my home

Lately, one of my favorites seasons of the year is already here... finally it's raining!! the air is so fresh and smells so nice! can't help it but if i'm at home i just watch the rain, drinking a cup of tea while the rain is outside if not, well, i won't be mad if i get soak by the rain... i just really don't care! is finally here, after having a horrible heat this past months i really don't mind if i just get wet in the rain...
Recently i just found some great items on Etsy to share with you guys, if you are a keeper, love to stay at home, this may be your options, take a look!

Can't help it! i've got a crush on pineapples! this is a vintage treasure, made in solid brass and great as a container, you can find great vintage goodies in TheWildWorld

Bookworms will love it! a book shelf of birds on the wire, this is a PDF file ready to download with instructions and a guide to create this beautiful piece, you can find it in CncFactory

Vintage is the reason, this lovely metal containers are perfect for organize the kitchen, i just find so adorable the polka dot style, more from the soviet design in VintagePearlHunt 

A must to for a designer lover! this hanging lamp is just perfect for an apt or for your favorite reading corner, and the shop had a small edition of their designs, VLODesignberlin

And don't forget to sing in the rain! 

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