Thursday, September 13, 2018

oh me oh my...

i've been really busy lately!! oh me, oh my..! can't complain about that.. i've been sewing like maniac, spending time working outside, spare my time between working and else i barely had time for taking deep breath and put myself down working on my paintings... yes, i had 3 exhibitions almost in row... planing my workshop and taking classes and also workshops... yes, i love to be in workshop as a student! is quite nice! i really really enjoy taking classes! i won't stop doing it, i'll should take more and more... my last courses was about making soaps, having a herb garden and i'm planing more and more... yasss i miss school...! did i mention that i had a really nasty flu? well i was under medication and i feel so much better now... plans ahead?! what do you expect!? of course more work and classes and workshop... wish me luck!!
PS i barely could finish the books i'll use for my workshop in the international book fair... oh me, oh my...!

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