Sunday, May 6, 2018

this artsy days...

Lately i feel like i'm around in art circles... visiting art studios, going to art openings, performances, art projects and conference and else... and i feel so damn well.. more i know more i want and more i love this..!
and then the obligated question... why i didn't do this before..? guess i was so shy.. i feel like i have to surround with people who loves what they do.. and i guess is contagious
so i went to 2 art opening, one of this was of a nice friend, that i meet recently, she is so kind and smart.. i loooove her paintings and all her vibe, her work is focused on old buildings and the plants that grows wild and free in this buildings, nature growing in a very free way as a resistance the modern times tho..
also i went to other that is an installation on an old building that used to be a cantina and a whore house damn... the artist did a great job and a conciliation between this context with her actual context changing the vibe...
i took a few photos to share..

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