Saturday, January 13, 2018

Liebre Blanca

Exhibit my paintings and my art is a mix between fear and joy, is a weird mix, but i seriously feel like showing my thoughts and my feelings right straight naked in front of people with of course all the judgement of what i do and what i am... it suppose to give me strength and stay fearless but is still this sensation of panic... i told to my self that if i made a solo exhibition i rather prefer not to go to the opening because this overwhelming sensation and feeling to be in front of people explaining myself my creative process and all this kind of justifications that totally makes me feel in panic... before this exhibition closure, i was invited and with other girl (because it was just femme art..) i kinda explain myself my artworks, and it wasn't that bad although was just a few group... (even with that i was trying not to push the panic button..) i guess that i need to face this fear more often tho.... 

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