Sunday, June 11, 2017

this is what i find for June!

June and July is like our Indian Summer, is humid, rainy and cloudy, trust me, my hair knows that the weather is so damn humid!, even when the city can become so Apocalyptic with the rains and the storms, the fields and everything started to be fresh and green... is perfect for visit any park and for some picnic...
I'll share you some pretty cool stuff i just found on Etsy, i just it want all!! 

This is a great accessory for feminine style, is cute, very durable and will be perfect for a Bride's maid, handmade and made with leather by SmArtAnna

To die for this skirt! is just gorgeous! Totally vintage, 1950's, highwaiste, cotton and could be a perfect match for a picnic day, you can find it in ZappasVintage 

I guess is for obvious reasons that i love this Tote Bag, is made it 100% cotton, great for groceries, carrying books or just because we love tacos so much, from TheBoldBanana

I must to confess that i love this plate not just because the colors but the garland! so pretty Brazilian design, this store had great pieces, from ZuppaAtelier 

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