Thursday, September 1, 2016

take a look on it...

It's September, nice weather, tons of celebrations and things to do (like working on my paintings, i should show you some advances...) I've been very active on Etsy lately, sewing, doing some progress on zipper sewing (i'm totally proud of it!! i encourage myself to do it!) but well, going back to Etsy, yessss i like a lot of items on Etsy, like shoes, clothes, vintage clothes!!! housewares, sewing supplies... but this is a quick roundup of what i like and why i include them often on my treasuries list...
Take a look!
A yard of light orange ruffle (isn't gorgeous?)
Summer vegan bracelet, totally boho and trendy!
Rustic coat rack! i can totally see this in my apt
Instant download gingerbread recipe! yummm!
Now sing with me: this are a few of my favorite things!! 

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